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Hybrid Learning

E-learning course for adult educators

Ancora 1

Dear adult educators,

The present e-learning course is created in order to support adult education organisations to implement hybrid learning in their work with disadvantaged participants.

In this programme, we propose recommendations and strategies that actively engage all learners, transforming them from passive listeners into an interconnected group. These solutions foster a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, where learners are not only encouraged but also inspired to actively participate, contribute, and develop a sense of trust and belonging. We hope you see this e-learning course as an investment into your professional development  and your learners’ well-being.  

As this is a self-paced programme, here you decide how fast to go: you can run or you can crawl. After you complete the whole course you can download your certificate. 

We will be happy if you find time to give us your feedback or contribute with your examples and best practices.

Thank you for your dedication to adult education, and we look forward to supporting you on this exciting journey!

Authors of the course

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